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About us

The OnderEngele Wedding Venue started with a couple with a shared love for flowers, butterflies, nature & each other. Their journey together included the mastering of floral design, traveling the globe and holding onto hope when the *mother and wife of the OnderEngele Wedding Venue, got sick. *Alta Pretorius, designed the Chapel, garden layout, interior design & décor despite her health challenges. The European-style Chapel was built 17 years ago and wasn’t open for the public until early 2020 when the Country-chic themed reception hall was constructed. The OnderEngele  Wedding Venue has been offering couples a unique wedding experience ever since. Hans Pretorius, co-founder, husband, father and florist of the OnderEngele Wedding Venue, welcomes and invites you to a viewing of our majestic country of angels.

Hans & Alta Pretorius

Owners & Founders


How It Works

The Venue

We have a fixed venue hire cost that forms part of your wedding package.

Your Guests

Let us know how big (or small) your celebration will be to determine what you can add to your budget.

The Food

Choose from a range of delicious items on the list and create your own menu. Not easy to choose between our scrumptious options, but we’ll assist you every step of the way!


Contact Us

Need to discuss details or book your viewing? Reach us:

Hans Pretorius 083 250 5667